Forum 360 is the World’s first online meeting place for investors, advisers and the managers of their money.

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Forum360 Meeting Screen

The manager of your money comes to you.

Meet from your smartphone or desktop at convenient times through the year:

  • Schedule a Meeting that then syncs with your calendar;
  • Choose an area of interest or send a question so that management can prepare for what you want to discuss; then
  • Meet as though you were sitting across the table from the manager of your money.
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No need to do this on your own. Talk to your advisor.

We have made it easy to keep your advisor involved:

  • Seek Advice from your existing advisor before or after a management meeting;
  • Join your advisor for a management meeting then collaborate; or
  • If you don't have an advisor then seek from those advertising their services on Forum 360.
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Data Security is our DNA

Taking care of your identity is paramount to our mission. We have partnered with Microsoft to provide the latest in encryption and cloud infrastructure while ensuring our infrastructure is ready for the next leap forward in security.

Introducing our efficient Meeting Manager for Investor Relations and Distribution Teams.

Manage incoming meeting requests and questions at scale. From this portal:

  • Manage participants into the right meeting;
  • Prepare for your meeting and upload information into the meeting tablet; and
  • Quickly respond to any unanswered questions post meeting.
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We take meeting feedback and analysis to a whole new level

Feedback received today is largely subjective or based on latent data that cannot be directly tied to any one meeting. Subjective material is open to manipulation and bias. Our analysis is a game changer, focusing on:

  • Network behaviour - Shopping preferences common questions and impactful answers;
  • Meeting content presentation and targeting based on data collected pre-meeting during and after the event; and
  • Peer comparisons - The strengths and weaknesses of style relative to peers.
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