The stakeholder engagement platform for companies and financial service providers.

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Our Covid-19 Pledge

We are committed to helping companies and financial service providers remain engaged and visible with their stakeholders during these difficult times.

Measuring stakeholder engagement

The above info graph evaluates the methods by which we promote active management within financial services, whether that be management of companies or financial products. We score method from broadcasting solutions through to meeting experiences (communication). Then we score feedback and analytics from poor measures through to best practice that includes feedback, agenda setting, event analytics, network behaviour, benchmarking and fulfilment.

Meet the manager, regularly

Save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of dedicated marketing time while expanding your reach of personalised meetings to thousands more stakeholders. The Forum 360 solution is a more effective engagement solution for your debt and equity:

  • Investor / Advisor / Broker Briefings;
  • Earnings Calls;
  • Investor / Advisor Days; and
  • International and domestic marketing roadshows.

Our solution is for stakeholders meaning that it extends to staff and customer townhalls. Simple access no matter where your stakeholders reside in the world.

Where stakeholders feel like it’s their meeting

Its what differentiates a meeting from a presentation. Management walks in to meet an investor and at the start of the meeting asks how he or she can make best use of that investor’s time. Our approach to stakeholder engagement works to give each stakeholder the same experience, providing a more efficient use of time and a better foundation for building trust.

Multiple pathways to the meeting

We believe in bringing stakeholders to your event via a variety of channels, including our Netflix inspired meeting place.

Partner with intermediaries (brokers, research houses, advisor groups, media, consultants, cap intro, etc) for a co-branded experience where your distribution partners keep the identity of the participants who came to the meeting via their brand. Its at no cost to them and has no impact on their IT infrastructure.

Soon we will launch our meeting place where companies and fund managers can show their ESG advocacy by being accessible to investors and advisors using an environmentally friendly forum. Membership is free for advisors and investors to this simple-to-use meeting place.  

Our comprehensive engagement solution

We facilitate stakeholder meetings from the convenience of your office. Our solution includes:

  • An own branded (embedded) or co-branded (via wholesaler) customer experience from booking to fulfillment;
  • Centrally managed pre and post event communication;
  • Meeting preparation made easy;
  • Exclusive access to participant identity; and
  • Stored content and participation with connectivity to your CRM system;

We also help you produce your event using studio grade audio and video equipment, in your meeting rooms, in up to 4K resolution.

We take meeting feedback and analysis to a whole new level

Feedback received today is largely subjective or based on latent data that cannot be directly tied to any one meeting. Subjective material is open to manipulation and bias. Our analysis is a game changer, focusing on:

  • Network behaviour - Shopping preferences common questions and impactful answers;
  • Meeting content presentation and targeting based on data collected pre-meeting during and after the event; and
  • Peer comparisons - The strengths and weaknesses of style relative to peers.
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Dedicated in-person support

While our solution is digital it remains personal and backed by our team of experienced Investor Relations (IR) professionals and analysts dedicated to helping you improve engagement with your stakeholders. We are there in person to support your events, produce your events, analyse the data and provide feedback on how well you are engaging your stakeholders both in absolute terms and relative to your peer group. We offer both remote support and on-location production in any of your offices globally.

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With outstanding partnerships

In partnership with Enghouse Vidyo, the leaders in Embedded WebRTC via Video, connecting millions every day;

In partnership with Microsoft, for a simple and secure solution. Built on Azure with open architecture so that Forum 360 seamlessly integrates to your campaign management software, client portal and/or CRM platform.

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