Trust is earned over time and lost in a moment.

In the age of customer obsession trust is built effectively by meeting frequently with your customers (stakeholders) around their agenda, building rapport and responding to their feedback.

Every employee has a role to play building trust, from board member to product expert to sales rep. Even your external intermediary partners. Are you building trust effectively? How are you measuring trust?

Relate is the research and technology platform dedicated to helping your representatives build trust effectively which in turn leads to improved profitable growth.

Build trust effectively using Relate or Relate for Microsoft Teams. Track performance using the Relate Trust Index, built by our coalition of trust experts and powered by your generative AI analyst, Sandi.

Integrate with your CRM and video communication platform.

Featured Research Articles

The Salesforce is in a Trust-Deficit and its Getting Worse.

Have you ever thought about what is the real cost of training? How effective that training is and how long the teachings are retained? How many times have you read a CRM entry or heard from your new sales rep about a ‘great meeting’ they just had. Then to read or hear a summary of it rather than what they learned about your client by asking the questions you expect them to ask? Would you view the time you spend chaperoning new sales reps as a good use of your time? You are right to have doubts as none of the above is working across the salesforce. More…

The Human Benefits from Measuring Fund Distribution.

At Forum 360, we believe that relationships matter. We applaud those asset managers who are building trust by offering more frequent access to their experts to more people without devoting any more time to distribution nor contribute any more carbon emissions. We are humbled by the power of measurement to build bonds between investment and distribution teams like never before. More…


data points per attendee per meeting.


research thematics that enhance your sales effectiveness.


traits that Sandy analyzes for the factors from which we measure trust.


percent group efficiency gains on average per meeting without loss of human connection.


hours of productivity gains from an intimate group meeting on average.


pounds of carbon not emitted from an intimate group virtual meeting on average.


countries that we operate from.


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“Thank you for making this meeting about me and my agenda”. Investor feedback to a product manager who uses Forum 360

“My clients are benefiting from frequent meeting access to my experts without having to leave an experience provided by my brand.” Client of Forum 360.

”Working together to ensure my clients feel like they are in a relationship with the managers of their money, while enhancing my business model – count me in” Wealth manager working with a client of Forum 360.