Unlock the magic of data-driven sales meetings.

Sales methods are changing. Methods that were effective 5 or more years ago, have declined 8%pa since. Adapt quickly and grow sales effectiveness using Forum 360’s research platform to:

What constitutes a great sales meeting? Preparation, execution and fulfillment. This is hard coded on Forum 360 making your meetings more effective and a more efficient use of everyone’s time, in-person and online.

In financial services, trusted managers raise up to 4x the investment of performing managers (Chestnut Advisory Group, 2014). Forum 360 uses AI to measure trust and cost of sales like never before;

Meeting setup, management, surveys and research on the one platform. Reduce meeting process time by up to 92%;

Customer agenda, data rich engagement differentiates customer obsession from the old methods. Those who obsess over their customers enjoy 6x the profitability growth (Accenture, 2021).

Your customers want to know what you are doing to lead by example on sustainability. Now you can share with them the responsible decisions they make and your team with respect to travel for your meetings;

Make your intermediary partners look like heroes using Forum 360’s distribution-tech. 

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A Flexible Workplace is a Fragmented Client-base for Field Sales

We discuss the decline of field sales displaced by inside sales and digital. There are a series of contributing factors learned through the pandemic which, we believe, will accelerate this shift. Among these factors is the increased fragmentation of the client workplace. Organizations are now learning about this as employees return to the workplace with much more flexibility around when they will be in the office.

The Human Benefits from Measuring Fund Distribution.

At Forum 360, we believe that relationships matter. We applaud those asset managers who are building trust by offering more frequent access to their experts to more people without devoting any more time to distribution nor contribute any more carbon emissions. We are humbled by the power of measurement to build bonds between investment and distribution teams like never before.


anonymized data points per attendee per meeting.


research thematics that enhance your sales process.


times more front-of-mind time than a website


percent group efficiency gains on average per meeting without loss of intimacy


hours of productivity gains on average from an intimate group meeting


pounds of carbon not emitted from an intimate group virtual meeting on average


countries that we operate from.


in our growing team.


“Thank you for making this meeting about me and my agenda”. Investor feedback to a product manager who uses Forum 360

“My clients are benefiting from frequent meeting access to my experts without having to leave an experience provided by my brand.” Client of Forum 360.

”Working together to ensure my clients feel like they are in a relationship with the managers of their money, while enhancing my business model – count me in” Wealth manager working with a client of Forum 360.