Better collaboration

Forum 360 provides distribution partners and advisor groups a central meeting hub for group virtual meetings. Your funds management and company partners offer meetings with their investment team or company management on this hub. The hub automatically co-brands the event as yours featuring your partner’s product. You now have a collaborative event where the identity of attendees who participate in events on the meeting hub goes no further; ie it stays with you. It has no impact on your IT infrastructure and there is no cost when collaborating with your asset management partners. Of course, you can create and manage your own events from the same hub.

Forum 360 is building a neutral meeting place that is free for advisors to search, book and attend meetings with potential managers of their clients money. From your group meeting hub, it is another available channel to utilise and promote your own meetings. Since the meeting place advocates and encourages all facets of ESG investing, you will also benefit through contribution.