Improve customer experience with a new approach to stakeholder engagement.

Consumers on mass have adapted to virtual meetings. This is structural change that pushes industry to find solutions that respect the wholesale model while adapting to this structural change. Forum 360 is that solution.

The Forum 360 platform enables industry leaders in this new world to move on from the traditional advice and sales broadcast techniques without disrupting the relationship between advisor and client, or sales representative and customers. The experience of the end consumer remains with their advisor or representative and their identity remains private.

Forum 360 is a browser based, free solution for intermediaries when working with your corporate, product or fund partners. No downloads required by you nor your customers. You also establish the pathways, to fulfilment and advice, for your clients.

Further, if you are interested in earning a new revenue stream for your brand while keeping the identity of your customers private, contact our team to discuss joining our Network of Distributors.

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