Frequently Asked Questions

Forum 360 Studio is a Windows based application that will work on Windows 7 or later versions.

For your computer, we recommend a minimum spec of an i5 class processor with 4 cores and 8gb of RAM.

Forum 360 Studio is built for versatility. Use the camera and audio on the device from where you are operating the software. Go for the improved audio visual by using external hardware that plugs in to your device.

While the camera quality on laptops and desktops has improved, its not to the same quality as an external camcorder. More importantly, audio undergoes significant improvement when run from an external mic through an attachment to your camcorder. The team at Forum 360 can help fit you out with a cost effective and highly transportable TV studio ideal for the home or office.

Forum 360 Studio, from where you host your meetings, can be used at home or in the office or in a studio. It is so simple to use from either a laptop or desktop making it perfect for any meeting space.

You would be familiar with the problems that poor connectivity to the internet can create. While you can do little to control the connection quality of your meeting attendees, you can control the upload of your meeting. Problems with that cause problems for all attendees. An ideal meeting room, first and foremost, has stable access to the internet.

If you are using external hardware (camcorder, lights and audio) then we recommend a meeting room that can sit six or more people.

We will leave the background imagery up to you. Be sure to run a test event with any logos to ensure the image is not mirrored.

Using 1080p image quality, upload speeds are typically <5mbps. If the low point of your internet connection is below this then you can expect to experience difficulty during your meetings. Should your connection be interrupted, your attendees will be informed however, its best to avoid this scenario especially at work. Here are a few ideas:

  • Using wifi can lead to congestion with other devices sharing the available bandwidth. Try and use an ethernet connection as your primary feed.
  • Test connectivity well ahead of the meet using and check Upload speed;
  • The rollout of 5G promises low point speeds >100mbps and ultra low latency of 1ms. If the low point of your connectivity speed is a concern, consider using a 5G device as your primary or bond it with the fixed line connection;
  • An internet bonding device shares data packages across two or more internet pathways, typically a combination of fixed line and mobile phone carriers.

Your work computers likely sit behind a firewall. Some of your clients will also try to come to your meeting from a device that sits behind a firewall.

Many organisations choose to whitelist websites rather than blacklist. That means, web addresses need to be on an approved list for staff to access them.

For your upload, your IT team need to follow the instructions at:

When your invitees register for your meeting, we run a connectivity test. For those unable to attend your meeting via Vimeo, Vidyo or Youtube we will notify you and them of the negative result with the remedy. That way, everyone is informed at registration rather than a few minutes prior to your meeting.