Pro Starting at 1 user or product. Want research and distribution-tech? Subscribe to Business
CA$65 per user per month
Frictionless access for your clients
Standardized data from all meetings
Host intimate meetings using Relate
Or, from MSFT Teams and Outlook
Timely and objective feedback
Analyze recordings from other platforms
Filter for those looking to transact
Sales relationship management tools
Share carbon savings with your clients
Behavioural analysis per client
Cost of Sales and ESG Advocacy analysis
Attendance fee of CA$13 per attendee >100
Content storage fee of CA$80/mth
Business Starting at 10 users or products. Want access to consulting? Subscribe to Enterprise
CA$132 per user per month
All the features of Pro plus
Access to Network Behavior Research
Access to Product Team Benchmarking
Smart search of transcripts and videos
Intelligence gathering from B2B2C
Collaborative distribution from B2B2C
Attendance fee of CA$13 per attendee >100
Free content storage
Free CRM integration
Dedicated account management
Enterprise Starting at 30 users or products per organisation. Contact sales to discuss.
Contact Sales for a quote
All the features of Business plus
Strategic consulting services
ESG Advocacy support
Carbon measurement support
CRM integration support
Fulfilment consultancy
No charge for attendance

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