Step 8.

Improve the feedback loop to product experts

Can you Relate to this experience? You are a product expert who has just ended a meeting hosted by one of your account managers with a client. You have spent the meeting processing and responding to client questions and not had much time for anything else. You turn to the account manager and ask, “how do you think that went?” The response, “I think that went well”. The real message behind that is that based off little or no data on client behavior, I can only give you my opinion. Relate brings timely and objective data to bolster this conversation.

Section Overview

In this section, you will learn that Relate:

(1) Delivers timely and objective feedback through the meeting.

(2) Delivers the data needed to help product experts build their story effectively.

(3) Delivers recommendations from Sandi (Relate for Business and Enterprise subscribers).

(4)Delivers scoring and detailed analysis via The Relate Trust Index (Enterprise subscribers).

Timely and objective feedback through the meeting

Designated Host and Moderator roles have access to the analytics tab on Relate. The analytics fields have explainers to help with that next discussion at the end of the meeting. The fields update in real time throughout the meeting and include:

(1) Current participants.

(2) Sentiment graph that captures in one minute windows:

a) Sentiment of the comments made;

b) Thumbs up / thumbs down mix, and

c) Carbon not emitted by meeting this way.

(3) Travel time saved by meeting this way.

(4) The number of attendees who visited the fulfilment pages.

(5) The number of attendees who booked follow up meetings or contacted sales.

(6) The number of questions asked of your product expert during the meeting.

(7) The number of attendees who have rated your product expert.

(8) Average front of mind time of attendees.

The data you need to build your story effectively

Check out the dedicated page here.

Recommendations from Sandi

Check out the dedicated page here.

Detailed analysis via the Relate Trust Index

Check out the dedicated page here.

Integrate with your CRM and video communications platform.


“Thank you for making this meeting about me and my agenda”. Investor feedback to a product manager who uses Forum 360

“My clients are benefiting from frequent meeting access to my experts without having to leave an experience provided by my brand.” Client of Forum 360.

”Working together to ensure my clients feel like they are in a relationship with the managers of their money, while enhancing my business model – count me in” Wealth manager working with a client of Forum 360.