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Attendee Analytics.

“As a sales rep, this is the first place I go to after every meeting”

Track attendee agenda, feedback, sales-pipeline progression and fulfilment signals from every meeting they have had with your organization on Relate. Review Cost of Sales metrics and the savings from using Relate.

Product Team Analytics.

“ It’s a team effort: Product expert + sales + distribution partners. I can now evaluate the performance of all”

Compare the performance of your product (sales) teams and intermediary partners across KPIs that include: Cost of Sales, Targeting, Trust, Sales Pipeline Progression and ESG Advocacy.

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Event Analytics.

“As a product expert, this is where I build the story”

Review your meeting in 5 minute windows: what was discussed, the sentiment of attendees and their actions. Review Sandy’s analysis for the meeting and recommendations to help you keep building your story effectively.

Network Behavior.

” Timely Insights from meetings across the network.”

Having difficulty getting your customer facing representatives to move from presentation to conversation in meetings? Network Behavior analysis shows what meeting style works, what does not. What content attendees find interesting vs what is not. Better prepare for your next meeting using Network Behavior research.

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Integrate with your CRM and video communications platform.


“Thank you for making this meeting about me and my agenda”. Investor feedback to a product manager who uses Forum 360

“My clients are benefiting from frequent meeting access to my experts without having to leave an experience provided by my brand.” Client of Forum 360.

”Working together to ensure my clients feel like they are in a relationship with the managers of their money, while enhancing my business model – count me in” Wealth manager working with a client of Forum 360.