Rethink Syndication using Forum 360

Its deal time. Your organization is part of a syndicate to engage your clients on this opportunity. You have a team of advisers who need to be educated on the deal then turn around and hit the phones. As they work through your priority targets, they scribble feedback notes and ask questions trying to extract an informed and timely decision from your clients. If it’s a yes, the client gives the order over the phone or via your client portal and that message is relayed in to the bookbuild room for allocation. If the client wants access to the CEO, CFO or product lead then they can join an audio call, webcast or webinar where the details of your customers are shared with the syndicate. And if you are not sharing, then you are multiplying the workload for the management team as they roadshow around just a small portion of the investor universe. Not much has changed with this distribution process over the years despite the inefficiencies in providing access to the experts, collecting feedback and orders for the bookbuild room. It is time for a rethink. Enter Forum 360.

Forum 360 is a your branded sales, research and distribution platform ideal for syndication teams. Collaborate as a syndicate knowing that your respective clients come to the deal through your respective brands and that their identity is not shared. Work together to utilize the time of the CEO and CFO more efficiently while scaling intimate access to them across the syndicate network. Is it a deal for institutional investors only? Set your security gates so that those registering across brands self-determine they are of that status in order to attend. Or make the event private. Have you setup a bookbuild room? Meeting attendees click How to Invest while in the meeting and come through to your bookbuild room. Sales teams across the syndicate can access the behavior and feedback of their clients in live time making the follow up process far more effective. Anonymized feedback traverses the syndicate network back to the CEO and CFO as well as game changing analytics that help CEOs and CFOs prepare for their meetings then measure how well they are engaging investors. Oh, and you can set all of this up in about 3 minutes. Which is also about the same time it takes for your sales team to setup meetings with your own thought leaders, on the same platform. So you have your own meetings on the same dashboard as those of your syndicate meetings.

It is time for a solution to the barriers against collaboration when working as a syndicate member. Forum 360’s sales, research and distribution platform helps a syndicate team provide efficient access to business leaders, leveraged across each member of the syndicate (and beyond) with a game-changing approach to collecting feedback and measuring stakeholder engagement. Contact us today for a demo.