A new approach to customer experience.

According to Accenture to be in the Business of Experience (BX), thinking beyond CX to become customer obsessed, you must be an organization that listens to your stakeholders and follow the data. Organizations who obsess over their customers enjoy on average, 6x the profitability growth.

Your consumers on mass have now adapted to virtual meetings. This is structural change that presents an opportunity for your organization to rethink how you engage consumers direct AND in collaboration with your distribution partners.

Industry leaders in this new world will move on from the traditional relay sales or broadcast techniques by providing more meeting access to product management teams through well established distribution channels. Forum 360’s solution has been designed for intermediated industries making it the specialist solution for this new world.

Convenient, simple and secure.

Co-host meetings with your colleagues from the convenience of your home, office or a studio:

  • Setup an own branded customer experience in minutes;
  • Access gates that are industry standard and enforceable with audit trail;
  • Set pathways to fulfilment and product advice;
  • No software downloads for attendees nor co-hosts;
  • No limits on meeting attendees or users; and
  • Your stakeholders identity remains private.

Inclusive meetings with pathways to advice and fulfilment.

Its what differentiates a meeting from a presentation. Product managers walk in to meet a customer and at the start of the meeting asks how he or she can make best use of that person’s time. Our approach to customer engagement works to give each customer the same experience, providing a more efficient use of time and a better foundation for building trust.

Feedback and analytics that matter

Feedback received today is largely subjective or based on latent data that cannot be directly tied to any one meeting. Subjective material is open to manipulation and bias. Our analysis is a game changer, focusing on:

  • Event Analytics - From agenda setting through feedback to fulfillment;
  • Network behaviour - Leading insights to help you prepare for your campaign; and
  • Peer comparisons - Your strengths and weaknesses relative to your peer group.

Collaborate with your distribution partners

Your partners can co-brand the event and keep the identity of their stakeholders private. Its at no cost to them and has no impact on their IT infrastructure. Importantly you control access to the meeting, produce the meeting and benefit from the feedback and superior analytics.

Dedicated in-person support

While our solution is digital it remains personal. Each member of our support team has 10+ years of experience in B2B sales and reside in the major business centres of the world. We bring a global perspective to your engagement campaigns.

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