Terms and Conditions

Part 1 – General
A. Definitions
In these terms and conditions: Content means any digital material including (without limitation) text, photographs, images, film, graphics and music. Forum 360, We or Us means Forum Care Ltd (ACN: 619 578 951). Forum Care Group means Forum Care Ltd or any subsidiary of Forum Care Ltd. Site means the Forum 360 website located at www.forum360.com.au, www.forum360.co or www.forum.care . Subsidiary has the meaning given by the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). Terms of Use means these Terms and Conditions together with the Privacy Policy that appears on the Site. You means a user of the Site.
B. Introduction
(1) The Site is operated by Forum 360;
(2) You should read these Terms and Conditions together with the Privacy Policy that appears on the Site;
(3) You may only use the Site if you accept and comply with the Terms of Use;
(4) Please read the Terms of Use carefully as they form the agreement between Us and You. If You do not agree to the Terms of Use, do not use the Site. By using the Site, You are agreeing to be bound by the Terms of Use, including all amendments made to the Terms of Use from time to time by Forum 360 in accordance with clause 16(a) below.
C. Restricted Use
(1) With the exception of Content that is posted by a user, We own or license copyright in the Site and all Content displayed on the Site. You must not use, download, copy, adapt, modify, publish, create derivative works from, communicate or reproduce any part of the Site without Our prior written permission;
(2) You are provided with access to this Site only for Your personal use.
D. Use of the Site
(1) You will not use any part of the Site in any manner that is illegal. We reserve the right to refer any suspected illegal or criminal activity to relevant enforcement agencies;
(2) Access to certain areas of the Site may be restricted to Users who have registered an account with Us. You will not attempt to gain unauthorised access to a restricted area of the Site or use another person’s name, registration account or password.
E. Our Site
(1) The Site is displayed and distributed on an “as is” basis. We do not promise the Site will be uninterrupted, virus-free or error-free. There may be delays, omissions, and interruptions in the availability of the Site or any part of the Site;
(2) We do not provide any promises of any kind (whether express or implied) in relation to the operation, the quality or the accuracy of the Site or any part of the Site, other than as required by law;
(3) From time-to-time, we may modify or take down the Site or any part of the Site.
(4) Your use of the Site, and any part of the Site, is at your own risk. You should make your own inquiries and seek advice prior to relying on any information provided on the Site.
(5) Parts of the Site may contain material provided by third parties over which Forum 360 will have no control.
F. Linked Sites
(1) The Site may contain links to other web sites or social media services. These links are provided for convenience only. While we will endeavour to keep these links up-to-date, they may not always be current;
(2) We are not responsible for the content or privacy policy of any linked web site. You should check the terms of use and privacy policy of any linked website prior to use.
(3) Unless the contrary intention appears on the Site, You should not assume that We endorse, approve of or recommend the linked website or its owners or operators.
G. Liability
(1) We are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage incurred by You in connection with your use of the Site, other than as required by law;
(2) Where liability cannot be excluded, our liability to You is limited to supplying the services again or paying the cost of having the services supplied again.
H. Privacy
(1) We are committed to protecting your privacy. Please refer to our Privacy Policy at https://trustrelate.com/privacy for further details on how We collect, use and disclose your personal information.
I. Strobing Content
(1) Some content on the Site may contain repetitive strobe flashing. Viewers should exercise care when viewing if they suffer from epilepsy or similar conditions and should be aware of the following measures for reducing the effects of a photosensitive trigger:
i. using a flatscreen monitor;
ii. sit well back from the screen and take regular breaks;
iii. watch TV/use screens only in a well-lit room; and
iv. remove 3D glasses before switching channels or looking at another screen.
(2) People with photosensitive epilepsy may be at increased risk of a seizure if they are tired, intoxicated or play videogames for too long without a break. Further information on photosensitive epilepsy can be found at .
Part 2 – User Generated Content
J. User Generated Content
(1) Where users are permitted to post Content to the Site or submit Content to Forum 360 or other users via the Site, the terms and conditions contained in clauses K to O (inclusive) will apply;
K. Creating an Account
(a) You may be required to create an account before posting Content to the Site. If You create an account you must keep confidential Your password and all account details.
(b) In order to keep Your personal details private and secure, You should not allow other people to use or access Your account. You will be fully responsible for any use of Your account.
(c) You must not create a false identity for any reason including (without limitation) to mislead others as to the identity of the sender or the origin of a message;
L. Posting Content
(a) You must not post any Content which violates, plagiarizes or infringes upon the intellectual property rights of any third party, including (without limitation) any copyright, trade mark, design right, moral rights or other intellectual property right;
(b) You agree to use the Site in accordance with the following provisions:
i. You will not engage in any behaviour or post any Content on the Site that:
1. is illegal;
2. is abusive, pornographic, harassing, defamatory, racist, obscene or offensive;
3. is fraudulent;
4. infringes the privacy of any person or reveals any personal information belonging to any person;
5. provides instructional information about illegal activities such as making or buying illegal weapons or substances, violating someone’s privacy or obtaining or creating computer viruses; and
6. prevents, or might reasonably be expected to prevent, any other user from using or enjoying the site.
ii. You will not distribute, promote or otherwise publish any Content containing any solicitation for funds, advertising, solicitation for goods or services, surveys, contests, pyramid schemes or send any chain letters, junk email or any other duplicitous or unsolicited messages (commercial or otherwise); and
iii. You will not do anything that might cause harm to the Site, any other user or any Forum Care Ltd system.
M. Takedowns
(a) We may, at our discretion, remove any Content from the Site. However, We are not obliged to, and You should not assume that we will:
i. monitor or moderate Content posted to the Site; and
ii. remove or edit any Content, regardless of whether it may infringe the Terms of Use.
(b) You remain solely responsible for Content you post to the Site.
N. Use of Your Content
(a) If You upload Content to the Site, You grant to Us, our assigns and our authorised nominees an irrevocable, non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, transferable and royalty free licence to use, reproduce, display, communicate, broadcast, modify, adapt, transmit, prepare derivative works from and/or publish in any manner and in all media (present or future) throughout the world, any Content you place on the Site.
(b) You unconditionally and irrevocably consent, and will obtain all other necessary unconditional and irrevocable written consents from other persons involved in producing the Content, to any act or omission that would otherwise infringe any moral rights in the Content, including (without limitation) use of the Content without attribution.
(c) You agree that you will not institute, maintain or support any claim or proceeding against Us, our licensees or successors for infringement of any of Your moral rights (or the moral rights of any third person) with regard to the Content.
(d) You agree that you will sign all documents and do all acts and things reasonably required by Us for the purpose of giving effect to our rights in relation to this clause.
O. User Warranties and Indemnity
(a) By communicating Content via the Site, you warrant to us that:
i. the Content is original and does not contravene any law, statute or court order or the intellectual property rights of any person; and
ii. You have the full legal right to licence all rights in the Content to Us and have obtained all necessary consents or releases from third parties for all and any use of the Content by Us in perpetuity without need for payment by Us to You or such third parties. You agree to provide any written evidence of this right to Us if requested.
(b) If there is any claim against Forum Care Ltd or its related parties in connection with Our use of Content supplied by You, You will indemnify and hold harmless each member of Forum Care Ltd, and all directors, employees and or agents of each member of Forum Care Ltd, from and against any loss, damage, claim or expense.
Part 3 – Miscellaneous
P. Miscellaneous
(a) We are entitled to amend the Terms of Use at any time without notice to You. Any amendment to the Terms of Use will become effective immediately upon them being posted on the Site.
(b) This Agreement is governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia. Both You and Forum Care Ltd irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales.
(c) If any provision in this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable under an applicable law, the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect.
(d) You cannot assign your rights under or arising out of the Terms of Use without Our express written permission. We may assign any or all of our rights under or arising out of the Terms of Use or novate the Terms of Use to any member of Forum Care Group without giving You notice. (e) Any complaints or questions about the Site should be directed to [email protected]